artboard-9Young Living Markets its products through networks of members dedicated to Young Living’s products. Young Living directly compensates the members who lead the way in sharing their products and inspiring others to do the same. Your Young Living Wholesale account authorizes you to do this and benefit financially from it. When you share Young Living with your personal network, you have your own personal Young Living Sales Organization.

Successfully building a Young Living Sales Organization is easy if you know what to do and have the resources you need. To be successful at your Young Living Sales Organization, you will go through 3 phases: Orientation, Cultivation and Leader Development. To progress though a phase you must understand that phase’s fundamental concepts and take its specific actions. This guide breaks down those concepts and actions into specific content to study and tasks to accomplish.

The Goal

Your Young Living Sales Organization grows when new members sign up anywhere in your downline. Our goal is an easily duplicated system for signing up new members and helping those members do the same.


The Swell Living strategy is to provide this guide to you and your downline as a resource you can use to get to work growing your business instead of experimenting and hoping your theories work. The Leaders Guide is a tool to learn the specific proven techniques used to grow a business and to teach your downline to do the same.

Duplication means scalability

Our strategy is to set your Sales Organization into motion so that you are not trying to directly service every person in all of the networks that you are connected to. To accomplish this, everyone in your Sales Organization needs an easy to learn and easy to implement system. Swell Living’s system is easy to follow and teach. Access to all needed resources are provided in this guide.

Share the Young Living Life Style by Living It Not Selling Products

The Young Living Lifestyle is an innovative approach to wellness, community and wealth. Your goal is to Share The Young Living Lifestyle not Sell Products. While some people are great at sales, everyone can share something that they believe in and do themselves. To share the Lifestyle, live the lifestyle and follow the simple steps in this guide.

Share this great tool with your downline

This guide is designed to be easily followed and provide the resources you need to accomplish each step. It is designed so that you can easily learn, implement and then teach the system to your downline and so that they can do the same. Do not get creative and reinvent the wheel. We already have the wheel. Its right here. Use this wheel.

The 3 Phases of Success


Fundamental concepts, techniques and resources. 

To build your YL Sales Organization, you must first have a foundation of knowledge, mastery of certain techniques and access to the right resources. Use this section to create that foundation in preparation for building your Sales Organization.

Cultivate Your Network

Build your first level network with 3 Essential Oil 101 Classes.

Now that you have a strong foundation; it is time to build the first level of your Young Living Sales Organization with new members and develop your leadership skills by having your first 3 classes.

Leader Development

Scale Your Sales Organization

Phase one gave you the adequate knowledge to build. Phase 2 has staffed your organization. Now you will find, guide and support leaders in your downline and then teach them to do the same.